Action EvacEUate

On the weekend of March 5 to 7, activists are organizing protest camps in cities all over Germany and Austria to draw attention to the inhumane situation of refugees in the camps at the EU’s external borders – we are joining in!Because Europe is still failing mercilessly – „humanity“ and „human rights for all“ remain nothing but hollow phrases. For years, nothing is done against the fact that thousands of people have to remain in camps on the Greek islands or on the Balkan route under catastrophic, inhumane conditions. More than that, these camps are part of a global problem of racism and a political calculation to deter fleeing people. We have demonstrated many times for the evacuation of all camps – and we will do it again and again until finally all camps are evacuated!

On the first weekend of March, we will set up a symbolic protest camp with tents at the Fischmarkt in Erfurt. Every day from 10am to 8pm we will create visibility for the humanitarian catastrophe at the European external borders and show our solidarity with all people on the run and in the camps. True, we will not spend the night in the protest camp. Instead, we will organize a diverse program around the camp during the day: From podcasts to readings and speeches to forms to get creative yourself and inform you about the situation on the ground everything will be there.Come: Be with us in loudly and clearly opposing the EU’s inhumane policy of isolation! Demand with us the evacuation of all camps!

Join us: Bring signs with your demands and messages to the protest camp at any time!There will be a rally at the protest camp on all three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 3pm we want to get really loud together with you, so that our demands can be heard far beyond the fish market: Get the people out of there! Evacuate Now!

Against the European policy of deterrence and isolation!
No Camps Nowhere!
Open the borders!
Take people in now!

*** More info on the program to follow. ***