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Together, Solidary, Indivisible! – Call for a ” Thuringia in solidarity “.

The 5th of February 2020 in Thuringia was a dam break. Through the election of a prime minister with the help of the votes of the AfD, for the first time since 1945 a fascist party was able to co-determine the government of a federal state.

However: on the very day of the election, thousands of people had gathered in the streets and squares throughout Thuringia and beyond in many cities nationwide and protested for days. The successful protests culminated on February 15 in the largest demonstration since 1990 in Erfurt.
We achieved that Kemmerich, the prime minister by AfD grace, had to resign and a government could be formed without the participation of the fascists. Because this election by CDU, FDP and AfD was an attack on all who do not fit into the worldview of the extreme right – and this was understood nationwide. It was an attack on all who fled misery and war to Thuringia, an attack on workers rights, an attack on cultural and religious freedom, an attack on women’s right to self-determination, an attack on LGBTQI* rights, an attack on nature and climate justice, an attack on the good life for all.

The society of solidarity that came together in a flash and across a broad spectrum made it clear loudly:

We stand indivisible (#unteilbar) with each other.
Not with us!
No pact with fascists!

We now want to build on this and go further – because we know the importance of the state elections in Thuringia, but also in Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. That is why we have now come together again as Solidarisches Thüringen (Thuringia in Solidarity) in order to make our demands clear in the long term, together with activists from and for an East in solidarity.
We are trade unions, activists against deportations and for the rights of refugees, anti-fascists, cultural initiatives, social associations, activists from the climate movement, migrant self-organizations, activists from the LGQBTI* movement, feminist initiatives, citizens’ alliances, youth associations, activists for a just world economy and many more.

Indivisible, we stand up for solidarity for others and the good life for all, with different positions, but united in the cause.

What we do

In the coming months, we will make Thuringia in solidarity visible in many places. We will

  • stand up for good working conditions for all.
  • insist on the fair distribution of the costs of the corona crisis.
  • make a strong case for the importance of a lively socio-culture for all of us, including the protection and preservation of existing cultural spaces and enterprises.
  • make visible that climate change continues to threaten us all and that a socio-ecological transformation is more urgent than ever.
  • make clear that gender relations are still unequal, especially during the crisis, and that women are again increasingly being forced into care work
  • demand equal rights and a life free of discrimination for queer people
  • demand a humane asylum policy and stand up for the rights of refugees, whether in Suhl, Moria or Lipa.
  • oppose racism and anti-Semitism everywhere and continue to demonstrate against right-wing rock concerts and prevent Nazi marches.

We will do everything at all times to ensure that fascists never again join the government in Thuringia.

The injustices in our society were intensified many times by the Corona crisis and became visible like under a magnifying glass. While some were able to massively increase their wealth through the crisis, many are left behind. A decision must now be made on the possible ways of fairly redistributing the wealth. Who bears the costs of the crisis? Who benefits at the expense of whom? Now it will be revealed whether we manage to set out together on the path to an anti-racist, social and climate-just society – for a better life for all. Even in the crisis we show that solidarity is possible – we do not let ourselves be played off against each other.

Solidarity means standing up for the concerns of others, even if you yourself are not directly affected.

Especially in these times of “keeping our distance” it is important to stick together and help each other as much as we can. Whether old or young, employed or unemployed, families or singles, workers in the parcel service or the catering trade, or the single parent in the home office, the pandemic has made it clear that every social group needs the support that is right for them. But unfortunately, by no means everyone gets the help and solidarity they urgently need. This is particularly clear for socially less visible groups such as refugees, the homeless, people with disabilities or sex workers.

Only together will we achieve the good life for all. Thuringia in Solidarity thrives on our commitment and that of all of us. And so we are all called upon to join in: in networking with other activists, in mobilizing in our neighborhoods in the city and the country, in taking to the streets. We stand up for solidarity instead of exclusion in Thuringia and beyond, for an open, solidary and free society.

On February 5, 2021, we started to create a bond of solidarity in Thuringia with our #MehrBlumen (“more flowers”) action in front of the Thuringian Parliament and we invite you, together with your alliances, initiatives, associations or circles of friends, to organize events and actions everywhere this year to make Thuringia visible as a place of solidarity.

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41Mikopa MikopaMenschen und Institutionen für Kommunikation und Partizipation
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38Thaer IssaMuslimisches Bildungswerk für Demokratie e.V.
37Grüne Jugend JenaGRÜNE JUGEND Jena
36Norman SteiglederBürgerverein Initiative Wiesenhügel e.V.
35Institut für Berufsbildung und Sozialmanagement gGmbH
34Mario KramerAjz-Erfurt e. V.
33Danny StolleDeutscher Familienverband, Landesverband Thüringen e. V.
32Holger DorrenburgInitiative für soziale Gerechtigkeit Gera e.V.
31Michael HarmsInternationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd)
30Rüdiger BenderMartin-Niemöller-Stiftung e.V. / Förderkreis Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne e.V.
29Anika Färber
28Die Orgagruppe von der Magdelstube - Sebstorganisierter Stadtteilladen aus JenaMagdelstube - Selbstorganisierter Stadtteilladen
27Anne Kremmer
26Thomas JakobBündnis für Demokratie und Weltoffenheit Kloster Veßra
25Das Team derStändigen Kulturvertretung Erfurt
24Peter LückmannInitiative für soziale Gerechtigkeit Gera
23- -Aktionsbündnis für Demokratie und Solidarität Altenburger Land
22Madeleine HenflingMitglied des Thüringer Landtags
21Ammalia PodlaszewskaCulture Goes Europe e.V Erfurt
20Kevin GutwasserKollektiv 99
19Ralf PlötnerMdL DIE LINKE. Fraktion im Thüringer Landtag
18Alina Kiesow
17Robert Nesirky
16Nicole GrießbachDIE LINKE. Jena
15Kenny Krügeramicissia.
14Denny Oberländern
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12Christian Langbein
11Suleman MalikAhmadiyya Muslim Jamaat KdöR
10Marvin Volk
9Siegfried Leibling
8Christian SchaftMdL Fraktion DIE LINKE. im Thüringer Landtag
7Till Noack
6Kevin ReichenbachDIE LINKE
5Lena Saniye GüngörMdL DIE LINKE Thüringen
4Philipp LeiblingWir für Thüringen Support
3Stephan OstermannStadtratsfraktion B90/Die Grünen Arnstadt
2Pascal FranzFreie Kulturkarawane/ Krämpferkollektiv
1- -Bündnis für Demokratie, Toleranz und Weltoffenheit im Wartburgkreis